• Marisa Nicole

The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect At-Home Date Night!

With restaurants being closed and the cold weather making it virtually impossible to enjoy anything remotely outdoors, there is only one thing left to do . . . create your own at-home date night! Check out my guide on how to make your at-home date night just as romantic as if he was taking you to the place you went on your very first date!

1. Get Dressed Up!

Just because you're at home does not mean that you can't look your absolute best! Do a soft glam look while wearing something that will be sure to catch his attention. Bump up the volume with some romantic curls paired with a bold lip and you're good to go! This will give off the feeling like you're actually going somewhere, thus creating that date night feel.

2. Cook A Meal Together!

Crack open that cook book and find a recipe you both will enjoy! This is a great activity that you can partake in together while switching up your everyday menu. An additional tip that will sure put that romantic flare on an at-home date night would be to create a charcuterie board paired with your favorite bottle of wine! Oh, and you can't forget a candle to enhance the mood *wink wink*.

3. Mood Music

Okay so this might be a tad corny, but I'm a sap for that kind of stuff. What can I say? If you're gonna do it...do it right! Create a playlist of your favorite songs to play in the background while you eat the meal you cooked together. Listen, I know it's not for everybody, but Chris and I did it once and it just made the at-home experience 20x better. We were too lazy to go out one Saturday night (lame, I know), so we ordered from an Italian restaurant up the block and played some mood music while we were eating. It made the food taste so much better! Give it a try!

4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries...DUH!

Whether you like to do it yourself or prefer to hit up Edible Arrangements, chocolate covered strawberries are a must for an at-home date night. It's the perfect amount of sweet to finish off a full course dinner and it gives a romantic touch to your evening!

5. Watch A Movie

I am always an advocate for Rom-Coms, but unfortunately guys aren't into it as much as we are. Cuddle up on the couch and pick a flick you both will enjoy . . . and let's be real, if all goes well, we know we're not finishing that movie anyway....

6. Play An Adult Game

Games like "Cards Against Humanity" and "What Do You Meme"are fun to play in groups, but did you know there are adult games on the market just for couples? Here are some games that will really spice up your relationship:

  • One Word Answer

  • Nudge Text

  • 36 Questions That Lead To Love

  • Off Topic Adult Party Game