• Marisa Nicole

The Easiest Way To Get Voluminous, Tousled Waves WITHOUT Hitting The Beach!

For some of us going to the beach means embracing your inner mermaid, basking in the sun, and living your bay watch fantasies with super voluminous, sea salt drenched tresses...or if you're anything like me, a day at the beach consists of finding sand in places sand doesn't belong and looking like a drowned rat after being smacked with the waves you didn't see coming. Check out how you can achieve textured beach waves all year round without the hassle and just a few lifesaving products!

Here's What You'll Need:

  • 1 inch curling iron

  • Wide tooth comb

  • Texture powder

  • Texture finishing spray

  • Texture spray

Step 1 - Start With Straight Hair

To begin this super simple look, it is best if you start with straight hair. This gives you a fresh canvas to work with before you start curling. Now, whether you want to do this on second day hair or freshly washed tresses, the choice is totally up to you! This style works great on day two hair because of the natural texture your hair accumulates over the day. If its wash day for you, that is totally fine! You can still get this look all the same, you might just have to add a little extra texture spray at the end.

Step 2- Prep Your Strands

Prepping your hair is a key step in this style because it is the make or break between your strands looking voluminous and beachy or becoming straight, limp and flat. In the beginning, I used to use a regular texture spray for hold, but I learned that a textured finishing hair spray really is the golden ticket to long lasting hold. What's the difference? A texture spray has more of a consistency like a dry shampoo, while a textured finishing hair spray is what locks in the hold while adding grit to the hair.

Before you start curling, section your hair and spray each section with a light spritz of your textured finishing spray. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how game changing this step is!

Step 3- Let's Start Curling

If you're looking for loose, relaxed beach waves, I highly suggest you use a 1 inch curling iron. If you use any smaller of an iron it will create tighter Shirley Temple curls rather than waves. The curling technique is very important because that will influence the results! Attached below you will find a video going through the motion of curling the hair to achieve that effortless, relaxed beach wave!

Note: It is okay to let the hair sit in the iron for approximately five seconds! Any less and the curl will not form and will just fall flat! Make sure that you are letting the hair heat up before releasing the curl.

Step 4: Comb Through The Waves

Okay, so you mastered the curling technique and now you're ready to run your fingers through it to loosen all the waves up . . .WRONG!

The best thing to do to make sure your beach waves last all day long is to let the hair sit for a minute or two before combing through it. Then, once the strands are cooled, take a wide tooth comb and lightly rake it through the hair to loosen all the curls. I also like to give it a shake for extra volume!

Step 5- Bump Up The Volume

Now here's the fun part! Once your curls are loosened and you styled your front pieces (if you have side bangs like me), it is time to add some extra volume and texture for that messy, lived-in look. I like to add a texture powder to my roots for added lift! This is seriously game changing. All you need is a little sprinkle in your hands (or you can apply it directly to the roots) to take your style from "aw that's a cute look" to "okaaaaaay hunny-- pop OFF". Then, because one side of my head tends to have more volume than the other (who can relate??), I like to tease the side that is lacking a little bit just for a little extra oomph.

Finally, I like to go in with a texture spray to add a little extra grit to the strands. This will drive the point home that this look is meant to look messy, sexy and relaxed!

So, now that you know everything you need to know about how to get this super fun hair style, please be sure to recreate it and let me know how it comes! I am always interested in your feedback!