• Marisa Nicole

How To Create The Best Version Of Yourself: 7 Tips To Get Your Mental Health Under Control!

The year 2020 took everyone on a ride that nobody wanted to be on. Between dealing with a global pandemic, political uprise and battling our own demons, it was pretty difficult to face reality and find a safe corner within our minds. Although 2020 is the year we all want to leave in the past, it was the year I was able to create the best version of myself. Learn how you can find inner peace and create a "better you" with just these 7 tips!

1. Stop Denying Yourself Honesty

The first step in creating a better version of you boils down to how honest you are with yourself. I know it sounds totally cliche, but it is the honest truth (no pun intended). Everyone knows deep down inside what bothers them and in order to move forward you must address those issues to yourself first. For example, in the beginning of 2020 I was unhappy with a few things and knew it was time for a change--both physically and mentally. You must be ready to commit to yourself in order to see results!

2. Tackle One Thing At A Time

Okay, so you addressed what's bothering you, now let's just tackle it all within the week! . . . NO. If you start to overwhelm yourself with tackling everything all at once, your mental health will only become worse. For me personally, I would create a mental note of the things that were bothering me and ask myself "how can I change it?" I would tackle one project at a time, and once I had my routine down pat, I moved onto eliminating another "stressor".

3. Surround Yourself With Positive People

I know everyone says it, but it truly is a game changer. Surrounding yourself with goal oriented and driven people will have a positive impact on who you are as a person. Being around negativity all the time can start to weigh you down. Life is hard as it is, so make sure you are making memories and enjoying every moment of it with the people who love you most. Having a big group of friends is great, but it isn't so bad surrounding yourself with just a few uplifting people!

4. Take Risks!

Listen, I wasn't always a risk taker and would still classify myself as someone who likes to stay on the safe side with many situations. However, once I told myself it's okay to venture out of my comfort zone, I opened up the door to so much opportunity! It is such a freeing feeling to take risks and live life to the fullest! Once you acknowledge that it is okay to leave your comfort zone, you will begin to view life in such a different way than you did before.

I never said it was easy ditching your comfort zone, but it is definitely worth it! I still encourage everyone to make smart decisions, as every choice you make has a result, but I definitely encourage you all to dabble in some adventure!

5. Speak Your Truth

As someone who always used to bite their tongue in order to keep peace and never really spoke out of line, 2020 taught me that it was time to speak my truth. The best part of creating a better version of yourself is realizing what you can do when you stick to your guns and stand up for yourself! My journey through 2020 gave me the confidence to always say what's on my mind. It is better to be honest than to keep your thoughts bottled up! Once you start saying the things you want to say, there really is no stopping you. So, pop off firecracker!

6. Treat 👏🏻 Yourself 👏🏻

C O N F I D E N C E is key when creating a better YOU!

Everyone likes to feel their best, so if that means taking the day to treat yourself, then by all means DO IT. There is nothing like the confidence boost you get when leaving the salon with a new hair style or going shopping! Although a lot of people tend to stray away from change, sometimes upgrading your style is all you need to make yourself feel rejuvinated! Mental health days are important, so make sure you are taking enough time for yourself.

7. Start A Project

I have always been an advocate for finding an outlet to unleash creativity. This has always been a major factor in improving my mental health. I find that when I am preoccupied with a hobby or a side hustle, I always feel motivated and ready to take on the next challenge ahead. As someone who takes pride in being a self starter, I discovered that channeling your energy into something worth while is a great way to lift your spirits and improve your confidence.

Whether it be starting a blog, opening an online store, or creating video content for your YouTube channel, I think it is important to have something that you can call yours. I believe that having a project that you are proud of gives purpose and meaning to your work and prepares you for the challenges you may face in the future.