• Marisa Nicole

Content Creation On A Budget: Crush Your Instagram Game With These Free Photo Editing Applications!

Influencer marketing is the way of the future . . . no seriously, it is. Businesses are incorporating influencers and bloggers into their business models like never before. If you're interested in starting your own platform as a social media influencer/blogger but just don't know where to start in terms of creating bomb content, you've come to the right place!

So, you have your vision down but just don't know how to make it come to life? Here are some of my favorite photo editing apps that allow me to bring my creative ideas to the next level . . . did I mention they're free?


The first app that I use before I even think of tapping into anything else is the Airbrush application. I personally love this app because it allows me to smooth out any imperfections before jumping into my next step. I also find it gives my skin a subtle glow without going overboard! This app is a great starting point because once you take care of the subject, you can move forward with getting creative!

Adobe Lightroom (Mobile)

Although Adobe Lightroom is offered on MAC for an expensive price, the mobile version is completely free (unless you want to pay for the extra features). However, if you are looking for basic editing functions, the free version works just fine! I love playing around with Lightroom because it livens up my image like no other editing application. The Lightroom effects make my image crisp, clear and full of life! I highly recommend you play around with it if you want to make your Instagram pictures POP!


Now, it's time to get creative! Canva is by far my favorite editing tool in terms of bringing my creative thoughts to life! No kidding, it is by far the best application a content creator could have! They offer a variety of features such as adding stickers, creative elements, sharp stock images, colors and a wide array of text options to liven up your image or presentation. I use Canva regularly for my Instagram photos or when I need to create a visual presentation for work. I pay for the extra features because I use Canva often, but you certainly don't have to! The free version has just as much to offer!


Picsart is another great tool that will allow you to play with different creative features! I often use this application to add a cool filter or element that will completely transform my image. I love to make my photos stand out on Instagram, so I will often turn to this application to add a creative twist to my photo.


Move over Photoshop there's a new editor in town and its F R E E!

My most recent discovery, Pixlr, is the Adobe Photoshop dupe I needed to take my editing game to the next level. Although knowing Photoshop is a great skill to have in the content creation world, Pixlr offers similar features without having to pay almost $400. I love to use Pixlr for color correction, drawing doodles or adding overlays into my photos for a creative twist. The site offers two versions:

  • Advanced Photo Editor

  • Quick and Easy Graphic Design

These options are great because whether you are a newbie to the photo editing world or a master graphic designer, you can still use Pixlr to enhance your photos based on your comfort level!